10 years in Interior Design. 6 years in Cyprus. Limassol-based Studio. Extensive experience with local suppliers, contractors, and builders. Excellent knowledge of the European furniture & building materials markets.
About Daria

Aroma of Juniper and Coffee

To our delight, the initial layout of this apartment is excellent. The total area of 135 sq.m. is logically zoned and has plenty of natural light. The apartment is a home for the family with three growing children. At the house owners’ request, the overall project concept is simple and clear lines, forms, hidden functionality, and naturalness of materials, textures, and colors.

Overlooking the Neskuchny Garden

The client ordered this design project for his son. The idea was to create a versatile interior that would remain modern for a long time.

Picturesque House in Cyprus

This project was designed for a very daring and active couple who asked for a neat and modern interior filled with bright colors and unique things.

Berlin Flashback

We designed this project for a family, old clients of ours. Mutual understanding and trust have made the work easy for everyone. We named the project A Berlin flashback.

Blueberry Nights

This Moscow apartment of 103 sq.m. belongs to a young woman, recently graduated from a university. She asked for a simple clean design in muted tones – but not too dark, rather with bright and stylish blue or cyan accents, and original design elements.

Let There Be Color!

This house is located in the area close to Limassol, Cyprus. It was designed for a married couple with a cat and a dog. First, they wanted to have bright and calming interior; but seeing the first batches of such decor made them frustrated. So, we decided to add colors – intense dark tones, interesting accents, and details – to give the space a new look. Creative ideas hit the spot in the clients’ hearts.

A Cyprus Bungalow

This bungalow in Cyprus has a magnificent terrace with a sea view. The house is on a small hill, which allows for stunning views. The house owners intend to rent it out. For this reason, they wanted to create an atmosphere of a Mediterranean-style seaside resort. We had our way to interpret it, however, keeping many quintessential elements, such as ceiling beams, shades of blue, cyan, and aqua, a lot of wood in the decoration. As a result, this marine style interior is airy, light, and cozy.

Sunlight on Cold Water

The apartment is in Saint Petersburg; it belongs to a family of four, a married couple with two children. They wanted to rent it out eventually, so they asked for a light, simple clean design, yet stylish and entertaining. There are numerous colorful, exciting designing solutions, features, details, and almost only natural materials used, wood and stone. Practically all home decorations are custom-tailored.

Fifty Shades of Turquoise

This apartment is small in size; but it wins you over with its comfortable and sophisticated simplicity, which was the primary wish of the house owners. We didn’t have to get several kids’ bedrooms or a desk room in a place. We were able to follow the couple’s dreams and design an apartment perfect for living together. The refinement of the interior is in the turquoise color spreading through all the premises in the apartment – from tender mint of the bedroom to deep bluish-green of the living room and the entry.

A Pilot’s House

It is a project for a young family with a daughter. The father is a pilot, and he has an extensive collection of model planes, for which we had to provide a place. Discussing the interior concept, the atmosphere, the lady of the house sent us an insanely beautiful and pacifying picture of a foggy forest with a lake. The picture became the premier source of inspiration. Relaxing elements, natural materials and shades, and a bit of fun are the components of this apartment, welcoming to be in.

Nothing Extra

We managed to create a comfortable living space for a family with a child in this apartment of 65 sq.m. The interior design is utterly simple, minimalistic, in calming and subdued colors with elegant black & white accents. White doors, tall white baseboards, and a bit of decoration. One of the main accents is black window frames from the developer, which fit well in the interior.

Urban Jungle

It is a spacious apartment with large windows, which belongs to a young family with a little son. They work a lot, travel a lot, do sports, and live a full and exciting life. They wanted the interior of a new home to be simple, modern, airy, a little Dutch, a little Scandinavian, and with natural accents – a relaxation island, reminding of a carefree atmosphere in a spa resort. For that, we chose shades of green and wooden decorations as accents.


It is an apartment in a typical panel building. It belongs to a married couple with two kids – the younger one was about to be born at the time of renovation. An average building, a typical common area, ordinary view from the window – still, we managed to fill the space with light and bright, juicy colors. The main sunny accent is a winning combination of blue and yellow, like a sky on a summer day.

A Holiday Home

We created the interior design for this weekend house, which belongs to a married couple with children. Assumingly, the family was going to be spending weekends and holidays in this country house away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The house is covered with imitation log siding. We managed to preserve the rustic, cozy atmosphere without losing comfort, aesthetics, and functionality.

Enjoying life

It is a Cyprus villa of 380 sq.m. We designed this project for a married couple living a happy life on the island. The man of the house has a business and travels a lot for the job. However, his spouse was actively involved in this project with us.

A Dream

It is an apartment of a married couple with a small child. They asked for a calming, cozy, relaxing, moderately bright, and stylish interior. We used eye-pleasing shades of sky blue, blue, and turquoise as vibrant accents. The elegant interior embodies in full the “home is a place to relax” concept.

A Bright Classics

The apartment belongs to our client’s mother. He wanted to have a classic interior with a modern twist to it, not a museum-like. The interior is vibrant but, at the same time, cozy, comfortable, and – most importantly – functional. Bright accents agree harmoniously with the elements of classic style.

The Lightness of Being: Shades of Blue

It is a small apartment of a young woman. She asked for an open, simple, and “breathing” interior, both modern and functional. Another essential requirement was to fit her favorite painting in the interior. No walls, a lot of air, attractive blue accents on the neutral background, elegant copper accessories, and black-and-white harmony – these are the components of an ideal place for a modern princess.

Breath of the Mediterranean wind

Warm and light colors, wood – the house was destined for living a happy life and receiving guests. As intended, the interior of this Cyprus house is comfortable, cozy, and safe – the family has one active child and expects another. For this reason, all furniture and materials were carefully selected.

Music Studio for MOT (Black Star Inc.)

It is a small music studio for MOT, a Russian rapper. The idea was to make a place for him to work, create, write music, and get inspiration. The area was supposed to not only be stylish and modern but to meet all acoustic requirements. For that, we consulted with experts to choose proper materials for excellent acoustics.